The 4th National Workshop and Training Courses on Ocean Energy held on 26 &27 June 2018 @Dewan Seminar UTM KL has concluded with a participants from various sectors of the economy: industries,including oil & gas, bankers, academia,students, professional services, governmental and inter-governmental agencies,and non-governmental organisations. Other than from Malaysia, there was a number of other countries: Japan, Vietnam & Singapore.

4th National Workshop & Training Courses on Ocean Energy had been 4th time and for this time it focuses on Financing on Ocean Energy. We have today moved a bit further by not only exposing ourselves to green energy, but also entrepreneurial skills that would make the participants well trained and practically useful to financing their technology for humanity.

The 4th National Workshop & Training Courses on Ocean Energy is a continuing effort of encouraging research and development work on ocean energy generally and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) technology specifically. It is used to generate sustainable based-load electricity by converting the heat embedded in the deep seas into electrical power with the existence significant temperature differential in the deep waters of the tropics. Furthermore, in generating the power, OTEC also generate cold deep seawater that be harnessed for growing temperate crops, high value marine culture, and producing healthy drinks, including deep sea mineral water. In short, OTEC has a potential to be realised as comprehensive and holistic solution to the three greatest global issues relating to energy, food and water security without affecting adversely on the environment. This workshop gather Ocean Energy Expert, speakers & Participants from Malaysia, Japan,  Vietnam & Singapore.



26 June 2018 : 1st Day Training Course: ENERGY 101


27 June 2018
2nd Day: The 4th National Workshop on Ocean Energy