IFK Shaazza Abd Aziz signing to acknowledge receipt of Aceh Governor’s Letter of Approval witnessed by ABJ, MShafiq, Razali & Ratna.


Exchanges of appreciation with Governor of Aceh after a successful presentation @Governor’s Office 4 Apr 2018


Luncheon with Dr Azharuddin @Rumah Aceh prior to Aceh OTEC Presentation 4 Apr 2018


High tea with Mr Agung Manggang of BKPS


Zohor @Masjid Besar Sabang 3 Apr 2018 with Syarjani & Hendra Setiawan of BKPS


Luncheon with Bapak Syarjani & Hendra Setiawan @RM Kencana prior to visiting BKPS Land Sabang 3 Apr 2018


Meeting with Bapak Fakhrizal, Cut, & Razali @Kyriad Muraya Hotel 3 Apr 2018


Visting Masjid Rahmahtullah @Lampuuk, 4 April 2018