With the Mayor of Saint Pierre, LaReunion







Prof Dato’ Ir Dr A Bakar Jaafar & Dr Mohd Khairi Abu Hussin was attending to the 5th International OTEC Symposium at La ReUnion, France. Prof Dato’ Ir A Bakar Jaafar has been delivered a presentation on  Scientific Challenges in EIA Studies in the Deep Waters of the Tropics. and Dr Khairi on Conceptual Design on OCEAN THERMAL ENERGY CONVERSION(OTEC) PILOT Plant in Malaysia.

After the sessions held in Hawaii in 2013, Korea in 2014, Malaysia in 2015 and The Netherlands in 2016, the 5th OTEC SYMPOSIUM 2017 will take place in La Réunion, an overseas French Island situated in the Indian Ocean. La Réunion University, PIMENT Laboratory and the IUT will host this event with NAVAL Energies and Regional Council partnership. This annual meeting is the opportunity to share valuable information on OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) through different topics, from an academic as well as an industrial point of view.

This site hosts the French Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Land-based Prototype, co-funded by NAVAL Energies and the Regional Council .